Critical Balance Shooting Academy
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of extreme into your life!

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Explore the world -- and test your own limits -- in a way like nothing else can. Enhance your self confidence.

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team training



Want a little support on your shooting journey? Try team training with our  NRA, Military, and Law Enforcement certified firearm instructors and enjoy the event of a lifetime.


to shoot


We offer many levels of classes. In just a few hours with our cadre of trained instructors,  you can build the skills and confidence to defend self and family.

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Give the gift of self confidence to your friends and family members. Gift cards are available and expire in one year once issued by our team.

Welcome to Critical Balance Shooting Academy!

At Critical Balance Shooting Academy, we're all professional range instructors. And, as far as we're concerned, nothing beats the satisfaction you get from running and gunning a live course of fire! If you're anything like us, after your first time shooting, you'll be hooked. Whether you're interested in  handgun, rifle, or shotgun defensive firearms training, or getting your team defensive skills spooled up or brushing up on your Combat Trauma skills, we're where you want to be.

Critical Balance Shooting Academy

Shoot.  move.  Survive.


CBSA Instructors are Competitors & Range Officers @




Vis.  Celeritas.

What does it mean?

Combat Trauma, Active Shooter Response, and Tactical Movement Under Fire Classes

Dates/times/venues HERE: 

We Support Veterans and LEO personnel.  We offer 10% Discount on regular priced classes.

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Diligentia.  Latin for "Accuracy." You must be able to hit what you aim at!

Vis.  Latin for "Power".  Your firearm must have enough power to deal with the situation at hand.  You MUST be able to prevail: your life could depend on it!

Celeritas.  Latin for "Speed".   You have to be fast enough to win.

The National Rifle Association hosts the Tactical Police Competition: National events where Law Enforcement personnel train with the best in the business. Several of our instructors participate in this yearly.